Recipe – “Tomato Soup with Spicy Meatballs”

Strikes me that cold weather lends itself nicely to soup.  This is a recipe I’ve had open in my browser for a couple of days.

Modifications I made were:
– 1tsp dried oregano
– 1tsp dried chilli for the meatballs
– garnished with grated parmesan

I also panfried a batch of meatballs, before baking them; the second batch I just put straight in the oven – both turn out pretty well although the purely oven-baked batch do end up in little puddles of meat-goo which I just wiped off when I moved the meatballs onto paper towels.

Tips for next time:
– could easily make meatballs in advance

– Fucking delicious.  The spice of the meatballs goes super nicely with the tomato soup, which is rich and delicious.


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