Recipe – “Lamb Chops Scotta Dita + Stirfried veges”

Mad Butcher has lamb chops on sale this week, so bought a tonne.  Normally steer away from lamb chops, as I tended to cook them in a frying pan and then get disappointed by how tough they’d go.

Stumbling on the internet for a lamb chop recipe, I found this one, which I thought was a good sign, as I’d just bought dijon mustard at the super for some other dish.  (I’m not a mustard eater, so figured I should bake what I can with it and use it before it dies a slow death at the back of the fridge).

Made the marinade exactly how it’s called for (probably a bit less basil, and as I ran out of extra virgin olive oil, topped it up with just some No Brand generic olive oil.)  Marinaded for barely 1hr.  Grilled under the grill for about 5 mins each side, and scraped excess marinade off the meat.


Verdict: No mint sauce required.  Delicious! So tender and nom.


To accompany, I made a variation of this recipe (basically, I just used the saucy goodness).  Veges used: cabbage, cauli + brocolli, with half an onion.


I also made a pumpkin mash to go with it all.


All in all, a pretty tasty “slap dash” dinner.


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