Recipe – Stock (aka Bone Broth)

Got a sweet bag of lamb bones for $2 today at the markets, so I sought inspiration from the web for a simple stock recipe.  It doesn’t really need a recipe, but I found this page and thought it was pretty friendly.

On advice from my guru, I roasted the lambikins up (we had a pick at the bones and delicious fatty goodness prior to chucking into the slow cooker).

Onions, carrots, celery, frozen chopped up kale (not much – and just as I type this I think that perhaps not the best addition, as I read somewhere that green veges turn the outcome a bit bitter), garlic, bit of parsley + the only vinegar in the house (malt).

So, its been in probably since 1pm and I’ll keep it cranking overnight.  Mmm.




Final: made 10.5c worth of broth, and 3 icecube trays


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