Recipe – “Roast Chicken”

Doesn’t really need a recipe, does it?

Bought a vertical roaster today and wanted to give it a whirl.  Took a mash up of instructions from the interwebs, and combined with this recipe (used for the chicken only).

Here’s what I did:

– washed and dried the bird
– seasoned with salt and pepper, and propped it up on the vertical roaster, covered loosely to dissuade flying creatures
– about an hour later, smeared with softened butter
– chucked in oven at 180c, covered loosely with a tin foil wraparound hat for the first 40mins or so of cooking, so it didn’t burn up top

Next time:

– Nah – the chicken was spot on; if I had more time I’d salt it for longer and season with lemon + herbs.
– I’d do the veges differently – the only downside of having your bird on the bottom rack is that there is not really any room left in the oven for an extra tray for veges.  So less roasties all crammed in, and I didn’t find the butter glaze work that well, but my guess is that I stinged on the butter.


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