Recipe – “Kumara Salad”

Had friends around for a barbie the other night, and thought it might be nice to try a spin on a potato salad.  Ended up referring to this and this and ended up with a basic but delicious dish.

3 medium kumara, chopped into cubes
2 rashers bacon, baked in oven on baking paper
2tbsp or so of homemade aioli
1tsp dijon mustard
squeeze of lemon juice
salt and pepper

Once the bacon has cooked a little, chuck the kumara on the bacon fat and roast.
Chop the bacon into bits; cut the rind off if it is hard.
Cool kumara – otherwise the dressing will go all melty & oily.
Mix the aioli, mustard, lemon, S&P together and then mix with the bacon/kumara.

Very delicious the next day too, cold.


Recipe – “Bacon and Egg Cups”

Took inspiration from here and did this:

  • 12 eggs, (initially I whisked 6 eggs with cream, but the tide was out, so added what ended up being another 6 eggs whisked without additional cream)
  • enough bacon to fit 6 texas muffin size cups
  • half an onion, chopped,
  • half a capsicum
  • grated cheese
  • 2 cups had a dollop of pesto-y type stuff I had in the fridge

Sauted onion and then added capsicum

Lined the texas muffin cups with bacon, tried to get fat side poking up so they’ll crisp up in oven

Added the chopped onions/capsicum, then topped up with egg.

Added the pesto to 2, then grated cheese across all of them.

Oven @ 180C … 20mins